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Being a photographer, Sungtae Jung (Сонгте Джонг) has served as director of KUCA since 2018. He was selected as an excellent portfolio at the Daegu Photo Biennale in 2018 and was invited to Odesa Photo Days in 2019, Berlin Special Exhibition of Daegu Photo Biennale and Dali International Photog Festival in Yunnan, China. He is currently participating in the Daegu Dongseong Market Art Project artist residency program as a representative of the photo arts group GGOODA KUCA.

KUCA stands for Korea and Ukraine Contemporary Art Exhibition. It began for the purpose of multilateral exhibition and cultural art exchanges at home and abroad and of discovering new artists through them with the Korea and Ukraine Contemporary Art Exhibition held in Art Platform AkT located in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine in June 2018 as a momentum.

GGOODA KUCA is a nonprofit arts group that has acted as a group participating in the Dongseong Market art project in Daegu since December 2018 for the purpose of planning and publishing exhibitions both at home and abroad including KUCA.

Staff & Volunteer

Organizers in Korea – NGO «GGOODA KUCA», Daegu

Director –  Sungtae Jung

Member - Gunhee Kim

Member - Hoseup Lee, Jungsuk Choi

Member - Petro Pak

Art Coordinator – Joonmyeong Shin

Translation Coordinator – Rieznik Stanislav, Ol'ga Kireeva

Media Coordinator – Myeongjoon Shin

Web Coordinator - Yoonjung Koo, Jinny Moon


+82 010 4757 1025


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